Secret Of Ultraseven's Eye-Slugger: How Was It Detached From/Attached To The Head? | ULTOPIA - amazing ULTRAMAN & TOKUSATSU world
As I received a reply from my reader questioning about how Ultraseven's Eye-Slugger worked while it was detachable from the costume's head (regarding how the design of Ultraseven was created by Tohl Narita, see here). Although there might be some people who would assume the Ultraseven costumes used in the TV show at the time had two types of head: one with its Eye-Slugger integrated into the head and the other with the space boomerang that could come off. In conclusion, with a tight budget on the series, they couldn't afford to have two types of head, and it is said that Eye-Slugger was attached to the head with a screw from inside when not in use as a boomerang. While the device has three projecting ends at the bottom, the front, middle and back, with the notches in between, the screws seem to have been fastened at the front and middle end so chances are it ended up being fastened only at the middle end finally. Needless to say, when in use as the lethal space boomerang, the