How Were Wet Suits Used For Ultraman's Costumes? #4 | ULTOPIA - amazing ULTRAMAN & TOKUSATSU world
Akira Tsuda previously mentioned says he thinks he possibly suggested Narita to try the wet suit from the US because he found the material was excelent as it was lined with stuff like nylon feather and they came in red too. According to him, people including Sadashige Numari 沼里貞重 who was in charge of tokusatsu mechanism operation (called soen 操演 in the industry term) had made the suits at an earlier time by cutting and attaching black rubber materials made in Japan so they pained silver and red over it. If Tsuda is right, it might be more plausible to think Akira Sasaki heard about Tokyo Akuarangu from Tsuda or Narita who had the store recommended by Tsuda. Tsuda's statement, however, seems to conflict with the description in Bin Furuya's book in which it is written that Narita and he visited Tokyo Akuarangu to have them measure Furuya for the sizes of the wet suit before the first costume of Ultraman had been made. Contrary to this, Tsuda's remark indicates the first costume