Bankid: Another Tokusatsu Show With Tohl/Toru Narita Involved #2 | ULTOPIA - amazing ULTRAMAN & TOKUSATSU world
The hero team's name and the show's title "Bankid" mush have been derived from "enban (flying saucer)" and "kid" as it seems to have been meant to be a squadron consisting of boys and a girl though the leading hero (Pegasus as described below) was an adult. Meanwhile, you should note that the Bankid team members as the heroes were not designed by Tohl Narita even though it is unknown who designed Bankid themselves. It is explained that Bankid comprises the following members under Dr Uzaki who set up the team: Bankid Pegasus / Noboru Tenma (acted by Eiji Okuda / color: red): the team leader of Bankid. He has a special move called "Tetsuwan Jujisei (literally, Iron Arm Cross Star)" used with the same pose as Ultraman's Spacium Beam (I have no idea whether or not Pegasus's was a beam attack). He usually serves as home tutor for Ryuji and Junji described below. Bankid Dragon / Ryuichi Uzaki (Tomohiro Tanabe / yellow): the sub-leader. Bankid Rabbit / Junji Uzaki (Tatsuyuki Tsuji /