Completed projects
Dubble 7000m plus summits in Central Asia 2017. As I develop in the high altitude climbing game my peaks get higher and higher. First we did a try on Peak Lenin (7134m) together with Noah Sandgren only 16 years old. It was his first experience and under my guidance he reached 6200m! I reached the summit on the 19 of July and became the forth person for the season to reach the summit. Later I teamed up with Adventure of year price winner in Sweden 2017, Douglas Asplund. He by the way completed his project, read more about that in the link above. We climbed the Peak Korhzenevskaya (7105m) in the Pamirs. We also did the walk in to the mountains, that took us on one week journey of hard trekking, glacier crossings and passes to make to Moskvina bc. We finally understood why no porters wanted anything less then 3,5 monthly salarys to …Read more Completed projects