LISTEN: Boys Who Write about Taylor Swift (Instead of the Other Way Around)! | TigerBeat
Taylor Swift is always writing songs about the guys in her life, but we rarely hear of any of them writing a response song. Of course, not all of the guys she's been involved with are musicians, but it's always interesting to come across a song that's dedicated to Taylor herself! When singer Adam Young of Owl City found out that Taylor's song "Enchanted" was about the time she met him, he wanted to tell her how he couldn't forget their meeting, either. He recorded a cover of "Enchanted," rewriting the lyrics to basically say, "I was enchanted to meet you, too". You can hear some of his own electronic sound in the audio as well. Adam included a Valentine's Day note to Taylor with the song, which was totally adorable even though she never publicly responded to it. Rapper Sammy Adams recently recorded his own remix of "I Knew You Were Trouble," including an original verse dedicated to Tay! We heard that Sammy actually met Taylor at the iHeart Radio Festival this summer and ended up with