Totally Trendy: Brilliant in Beige! | TigerBeat
Beige, nude, tan, cream, café au lait... Call it whatever you like. We, along with the hottest celebs, call it totally trendy. This versatile color comes in so many different shades and styles, the possibilities are quite literally endless. It's definitely a color that's here to stay, so why not get inspired? Check out these photos we've compiled of some of your favorite nude-clad celebs to set your inner fashionista in gear! Oh, Sel. Always one step ahead in the world of fashion. Sel does so many things right with this outfit: The flowy beige skirt is such a trendy length; the shiny cut-out top is an excellent color complement; the nude-colored pumps tie the outfit together; and her rosy pink lipstick is the perfect cherry on top. Vanessa Hudgens looks adorbs in this dress! It's so stylishâ€"everything from the textured print to the bow in the middle. She looks like a pretty pretty present. The platinum heels, minimal jewelry and bright red lipstick create a sense of timeless