088: Year in Review 2014 | This Week in Chiptune
Happy New Year! Here's my 2014 Year in Review, a mix of some of my favorite songs I've played over the last 52 weeks! It's easy to support TWiC, Pledge on Patreon - Subscribe on YouTube - - - TRACKLIST - - Maxo - Tope Doge (Dj CUTMAN Cub Club Remix) Zantilla - King Kombo Dj CUTMAN - Yoshi's House ft. James Landino Warez Waldo - Intergalactic Intermissions V-Axys - Blue Lagoon Incident Ultrasyd - Silly Venture Jredd & Groovemaster303 - Casino Funk Zone Kenobit - Giorgio by Kenobit Vince Kaichan - Saraday James Landino - Hold My Hand ft. Andy Tunstall xyce - nos petites femmes Jake "Virt" Kaufman - Scuttle Town Jake "Virt" Kaufman - Strike The Earth (Dj CUTMAN + Kevin Villecco Remix Knife City - Precious Jewel (Sabrepulse Remix) Sabrepulse - Skyfire Ace Tetracase - Begin IAYD - Too Turnt Cheap Dinosaurs - 555 Chipocrite - Little Computer People (from 3P) _ensnare_ - There is Always Love Big Giant Circles - No Party Like a Mojang Party