063: Year of the Yoshi, DefiantSystems, RetroDigital | This Week in Chiptune
June 11th 2014 - While I was at E3 I managed to connect to the expo center's ethernet and upload this mix of new chiptune music I made on the flight from Philadelphia. It includes Year of the Yoshi from GameChops, new music by Defiant Systems, a Cave Story remix album by RetroDigital, and lots more. - - TRACKLIST - - DDRKirby(ISQ) - Runner Meets Ripple Pixel8ter - Your Woman (Whitetown cover) RetroDigital - A Man And His Dragon halc - CYB3RN3TIC SUP3RPUNK5 Kevin Villecco - Yoshi Grand Prix ft. RobKTA MisfitChris - Zommie Feat. Zommie DDRKirby(ISQ) - Set Me Free PsyNES - Infiltration (Bionic Commando Area 8 ReMix) malmen & xyce - sourire Defiant Systems - Sex Crimes 2084 algar - Ninja_On_Speed Defiant Systems - Nightstalker Toni Leys - One Short Tale - Courage Toni Leys - One Short Tale - Peace RetroDigital -The Lonely Summit 4mat - Advantageous Kevin Villecco - Yoshi's Resort ft. Ben Briggs Kevin Villecco - Yoshi's Back a-zu-ra - Miraiha ~the futuristica of techs - - LINKS - -