Live @ Toy Company Festival in Montreal, Canada | This Week in Chiptune
The set I played at Toy Company consisted of my original productions, remixes and songs. This was my first live show that would not be considered a "DJ Set," but rather a performance of entirely original material. Recorded live on 8/10/2013 in Montreal, Canda for the Toy Company Chiptune music festival. For more info on Toy Company - For a time-stamped version of this mix, visit Mixcloud |…ontreal-8102013/ - - TRACKLIST - - Robert Miles - Children (Dj CUTMAN Remix 2013) Ben Briggs - I Can Has This Dance (Dj CUTMAN Remix) Dj CUTMAN - Gateway Timeout ft. The Dutchess James Landino - Blue (Dj CUTMAN Mix) halc - Moon Garage (Dj CUTMAN Remix) Beat Avenger - Dr WahWew ft. Dj CUTMAN Zedd - Clarity (Balloonbear Remix, Dj CUTMAN Edit) Legend of Korra - I Left My Heart in Republic City (Dj CUTMAN Remix) Rokko Chan - Forest Man (Dj CUTMAN Remix) Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Sword Search (Dj CUTMAN Remix) Cave Story - Drum 'n Grasstown (Dj CUTMAN