Is this paradise? - Nungwi, Zanzibar - The World at My Feet
Disclaimer: the following article is full of clichés and might make you want to quit your job and move here. I do not take responsibility for your actions. A cliché of a paradise beach: the bedroom’s windows open to an ocean breeze, the pristine blue water is warm and yet refreshing. The sunrise shadows the beach with coconut trees silhouettes and the sun sets slowly in the water while you sip on cocktails. Even the name of this beach is exotic, Nungwi [nung-gwee]. Tucked up in the north of Zanzibar, Nungwi is the perfect beach for a hotel resort kind of life. A day here rolls on more or less like this: a sunrise dip in the water, followed by a breakfast with lots of fresh exotic fruit. If lying at the beach all day is not your thing, then you can spice up your day with a choice of activities that will be sure to leave your camera’s memory full! From snorkeling around a private island, swimming with turtles in a conservation pond, to adventuring deeper with professional diving masters, Nungwi has it all. For golden hour, sip on cocktails while lying on a beach lounge or get on a sunset cruise party. If it is Saturday and you are feeling like grooving, head to Kendwa Rocks, they also host a special moon party once a month with fire dancers and a grill menu. Whatever you decide to do, Hakuna Matata. P.S. When your guide suggests you jump in the water full of crabs and you ask, but do they not bite? They are right, they don’t bite. They pinch and it hurts. But you will survive. Related