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Do you have a story to share? Click Here to Purchase We Invite YOU to Participatein ourWe Choose to Thrive ​ProjectThis is a book, that will be a series and we are turning it into a TV documentary. We are sharing our stories of healing and thriving.Click Here to Learn More About Our ProjectHear these amazing stories from women around the globe, from all walks of life who experienced shattering experiences of childhood and/or adulthood sexual, emotional and physical abuse.Each woman tells of their journey of self discovery, of self love, and transforming from victims to survivors to now THRIVING. Would you like to be showcased in our next book?The first book in this series is showcased on on Feb. 2nd., 2017 and became a #1 International Best Seller!During our book launch, we interviewed all of the co-authors...Interview 1Interview 2Interview 3Interview 4and we also interviewed organizations and causes that support survivors in many different