Book Review: The Great Divorce | The Simple Pastor
So after Love Wins the next book I picked up was CS Lewis' The Great Divorce. Why because Bell cites him as a source, because it seems that their views are very similar. Quite a few people have noticed this so there's been a little rush to defend Lewis' honour. In a panel discussion at The Gospel Coalition Tim Keller is asked, "There is one thread that says Bell is saying the same thing as C. S. Lewis. How do you respond?" To which Keller answers, Lewis was rebelling against the spirit of the age, which said that Hell is bad. His whole project was to tweak his contemporary scene and show that hell and judgement make sense. It appears that Bell does just the opposite and actually sympathizes with the spirit of the age. But were they saying the same thing Tim? And Doug Wilson is asked the same question in this short video: Rob Bell no C.S. Lewis from Canon Wired on Vimeo. There's a few interesting things here. The assumption that Bell is a universalist and doesn't believe in hell and so