The rise and rise of transgenderism | The Simple Pastor
As I was writing the headline for this piece I went to write the word 'debate' and then changed my mind. No one is really debating this issue. The Economist ran a series of viewpoints on transgender issues but I didn't see a viewpoint that actually critiqued the prevailing wind. It was a series amongst people who broadly speaking agree with each other. I don't really see that changing. I do see western society absolutely hurtling towards the most significant social change it has ever made without very little thought and even less serious debate. That's likely to be nothing short of a catastrophe. The changes are coming thick and fast (and not really with any new evidence to support them). The World Health Organisation No Longer Sees Transgender as a Mental Illness but obsessive computer gaming is. Take a moment to consider that. That's because this sentence sums up the prevailing view: Being transgender or gender diverse is now largely viewed as part of the natural spectrum of human