Why are we planting a church in a city? | The Simple Pastor
If you just read the last couple of posts it would seem that I'd be against the idea of church planting in a city or that a church in a city will have little or no influence. Don't be too hasty in your conclusions now. First of all, I do think cities matter and I do think they're strategic and they can influence culture at all sorts of level. I've previously written here that, "It's hard to argue with the strategic importance of cities so I'm not really going to try. Cities are the economic powerhouses, the places where arts, commerce, law etc are all at their most innovative and generally they're the hub that connect the regional spokes. They also have the greatest concentration of people. You can't ignore the cities." For all those reasons the church should be fully engaged in city mission. Cities often have the greatest concentrations of wealth and deprivation, power and powerlessness, homogeneous elites and multi-cultural under classes. The church should be and is there. As a