Filled with the Holy Spirit ... Even in the Womb - The Practicing Catholic
There was much in the news last week on the pro-life front that greatly disturbed my spirit. Specifically, the news out of New York legalizing abortion at any stage of pregnancy made me physically sick to my stomach. With all the noise and debate over whether an unborn baby is a life who has rights and value, I go back to Scripture and cling to a passage from Luke's first chapter. We know the story well when the angel Gabriel comes to Zechariah and declares John the Baptist will be filled with the Holy Spirit in his mother’s womb. But it wasn't until I participated in The Wild Goose study when those words were truly illuminated for me. Think about this: the first person in the New Testament from the Gospel of Luke to be consumed by and filled with the Holy Spirit is an unborn child. What does that mean for us?