Horror vacui | Theo Heartist
Horror vacui (physics) : Nature abhors a vacuum. Horror vacui (art) : The fear of empty space. Like a sculptor who sees the statue in a block of stone or the potter who sees the pot in the lump of clay, artists see the potential. Their fear of empty space and abhorrence of a vacuum compels them to create and turn their imagination into reality. Motivation to overcome procrastination. A social media presence is essential and Theo has recently joined a few social networks. Most of them allow for customization of the profile. Often the color scheme, background images and sometimes fonts are changeable to suit the personality of user. Because Theo has not created a volume of work yet, we needed to produce something quickly for the cover photo on the Facebook page. By default, Facebook has this image for cover photos: It is rather dull and grey. It cries out "replace me with anything colorful!". Producing Horror vacui to answer this cry was rather quick and simple: Create an image 851 by