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About Aiden Wilson Tozer, an Ohio auto-worker turned preacher and writer, made a lasting contribution to the corpus of Christian literature with his devotional works, especially The Pursuit of God and The Knowledge of the Holy. A member of the Christian Missionary Alliance, Tozer's real strength was his zeal for prayer and meditation, "the practice of the presence of God". Although he has been referred to as a Christian mystic because of this focus, his understanding of prayer and spirituality was neither existential nor divorced from Scripture. In response to those who called him a mystic, he said this: Some of my friends good-humoredly—and some a little bit severely—have called me a ‘mystic.’ Well I’d like to say this about any mysticism I may suppose to have. If an archangel from heaven were to come, and were to start giving me, telling me, teaching me, and giving me instruction, I’d ask him for the text. I’d say, ‘Where’s it say that in the Bible? I want to know.’ And I would insist that it was according to the scriptures, because I do not believe in any extra-scriptural teachings, nor any anti-scriptural teachings, or any sub-scriptural teachings. Tozer's classic work, The Pursuit of God, gives us fresh glimpses of spiritual devotion, an art that seems all but lost in the church today, and offers a helpful counterbalance to keep Christianity elevated above merely logical propositions. Excellence in Ebooks All of our ebooks have been crafted with the utmost care to provide you with an enjoyable reading experience. Embedded fonts, fixed layouts, refined headings, reflowable text, linked table of contents, and interactive elements are some of the features we use to make our ebooks stand out. Most are available on major ebook stores, such as Amazon, Nook, and iBooks, but you can purchase them at a discount here. You can also subscribe to one of our ebook club options to receive new ebooks and special deals each month!