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Gallery Title 1: Kobe’s Car Collection Might Just Be Better Than His Game Gallery Title 2: Check Out Kobe Bryant’s Car Collection. You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Gallery Title 3: The Only Thing Slicker Than Kobe Byrant’s Game Is His Car Collection Gallery Title 4: Take A Tour Of Kobe Bryant’s Garage. You Won’t Believe His Rides Gallery Description: So it’s official, Kobe Bryant – the Black Mamba – is retiring. He’s given us two decades of amazing basketball highlights, with almost Jordan’esque performances on a nightly basis. If you’re a huge Kobe fan, then you might think you’ve seen everything he’s done and know everything about him. But I bet you haven’t seen his garage – for in it – he’s got one of the best collections money can buy. And given his 20-year career, you can bet he’s made a lot of it to buy these, the slickest cars you’ll ever see. Home Slide Pic URL: Home Slide Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 1 Title: Lamborghini Murcielago Slide 1 Pic URL: Slide 1 Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 1 Description 1: For someone who like to drive to the paint, it’s no surprise Kobe owns this one. The Lamborghini Murcielago is one of the fastest and most exotic rides you can get. It’s also crazy expensive at over $400,000. But no NBA all-star’s garage is complete without one. Slide 2 Title: Bentley Continental Slide 2 Pic URL: Slide 2 Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 2 Description 1: You can’t always go fast. Like Kobe at the 3-point line, his Bentley allows him to just sit back and relax while getting him to where he wants to be. He got his in crisp white with a spoiler. Price: $188,000 Slide 3 Title: Cadillac Escalade Slide 3 Pic URL: Slide 3 Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 3 Description 1: We’re surprised at this Diesel fueled Cadillac Escalade Kobe paid $72,000 for. Surprised only because we’d think Kobe would stay away from anything with the word Diesel in it – given his tumultuous relationship with Shaq. Nevertheless, Kobe got his with tricked out rims, of course. Slide 4 Title: Bentley Azure Mulliner Slide 4 Pic URL: Slide 4 Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 4 Description 1: You can’t get a Bentley Continental without also buying its cousin, the Azure Mulliner. It’s more expensive at $270,000, as well as more comfortable too. This is the kind of car Kobe is driven in though, not drives himself. Slide 5 Title: Ferrari F430 Slide 5 Pic URL: Slide 5 Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 5 Description 1: This is perhaps Kobe’s favorite. It’s his Ferrari F430 coming in at $400,000. We assume this is his prized baby only because we see him in it the most. Slide 6 Title: Lamborghini Aventador Slide 6 Pic URL: Slide 6 Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 6 Description 1: The Ferrari might be Kobe’s favorite, but this one is ours. The Lamborghini Aventador is a seriously fast, seriously sick car, with gull wing doors that open straight up. At $445,000 we wish we could afford one. But we don’t make Kobe money, you know? Slide 7 Title: Jeep Wrangler Slide 7 Pic URL: Slide 7 Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 7 Description 1: Kobe isn’t always all about the flash. He appreciated the more down to earth, rugged things in life. This is why he loves his Jeep Wrangler. But it’s not just any Jeep mind you, it’s the Call of Duty Black Ops Special Edition version – because Kobe’s not just a car collector, but also a gamer. Slide 8 Title: Ferrari 458 Italia Slide 8 Pic URL: Slide 8 Pic Source: Pinterest Slide 8 Description 1: Kobe’s loves his Ferraris. Why? Because they’re a symbol of Italian luxury, and in case you didn’t know, Kobe grew up in and speaks Italian. This Ferrari here cost him $329,000.