Sometimes I Say the Stupidest Things | Juxtapositioning
You know the thing where something just tumbles out of your mouth because you think you are safe, but the reaction from the person you said it to tells you that not only are you not safe but that the thing you said was probably the worst possible thing you could ever say? That. That is what happened to me literally just now, and it happens often, too often, so often that now I have to examine why. Why does this happen. Tell me. Not going to tell me? Fine, I will tell you. Number One. I Don't Think Before I Talk. Oh yes. This is so me. I think I'm just in the flow of the conversation, or I'm about to reveal something that should probably remain in the dark recesses of my broken brain, but instead I just erupt stupid words all over the person I love most in the world. If, instead, I STOPPED TO FUCKING THINK first, I would probably just become a mime. Or invest in a case of duct tape for my mouth. Number Two. I Talk Too Much. When I realize I have said something