Parking Parallels | Juxtapositioning
It makes me laugh when the ironies of my life are thrown in my face. Since arriving here in Vancouver 6 or so weeks ago, I've been sensitive about my car. For the first week I was illegally parked in a permit-only zone. Then we paid $5 per week to obtain a blue card to stick in the dash for a few weeks while we thought of something else to do with the car situation. There's another car (uninsured; can't park on the street) and an underground garage space (with one uninsured car presently occupying) but for now it's my car collecting bird shit and tree sap at the curb, jockeying for position with the neighbors and their cars. Cars that have a right to be here. I can feel the eyes looking at me. Pennsylvania. When is she going to move that car? Taking up space. OUR space. Canadian space. Hmph. The imagined indignant snorts are what get to me the most. Whenever I drive, I find myself continually getting in the wrong lane and inadvertantly cutting someone off stopping