Lessons In Non-Attachment | Juxtapositioning
I am told I sometimes take things too seriously. This may be true and I am learning to let go of my issues â€" one clenched death-grip finger at a time. 1. Control of space. My landlords are cheap. I should have known this when I moved in, I should have smelled it on their clothes or something, but since I was dealing with "real people" instead of a faceless corporation, my expectations grew exponentially. I would be treated with care, I thought. Like a person. Loved. Because I would love my place and it would be my home. My place, my home, is an extension of me. I have: Broken down in a tearful puddle when the kitchen sink backed up. Clearly a personal attack! Freaked out when I found out that none of the three (3) smoke detectors in my home contained actual batteries, and were therefore non-functional. Had vengeful thoughts when the toilet leaked all over the floor for the 8th time, even after Cheap Landlord Guy replaced the wax ring (impressed by my toilet knowledge? I also know