Just Like An Ordinary Day | Juxtapositioning
I have lost my pendulum, or it's conveniently misplaced, so instead I decided to use a pendent I wear sometimes (when I can remember to put on jewelry). It's a ceramic disk that hangs from a black cord. The disk is green and blue in a Celtic design and I can almost remember where I got it. Ireland? Maybe. Anyway, I asked it if it would stand in for my pendulum, which I rarely use anyway but prefer to use over my Tarot cards, which I never really got into despite having the beautiful Robin Wood deck. The pendant said yes. My questions tumbled out in a heap, and the pendent hung quivering, black cord taut. I calmed down and breathed and asked my questions slowly, one at a time. I've been so tired. Tired and not caring and not sleeping. Not doing. Keeping the blinds closed, especially on sunny days where the slap stings â€" wasted sunlight? how dare I? â€" and I close my eyes and sink into the next hour and the next. Some days I eat, and some I don't. Google calendar tells me when and