When it Comes to Promises Made, It's time for Transparency | VOICE
S. E. Williams Contributor When Jeff Bezos, founder, chairman, president and CEO of Amazon abruptly announced plans to withdraw from his agreement to build a new corporate headquarters in New York late last month, it reverberated around the nation—after all, there was stiff competition among municipalities across the country for the privilege of having the warehouse giant locate its second headquarters in one of their cities. The announcement was greeted with exhaustive debates over whether the left wing of the democratic party had scored a victory against big business by raising awareness over the amount of corporate welfare—or, as the politically correct call it, tax incentives—that Amazon was promised in the deal. Those incentives totaled at least three billion dollars. Some who opposed the warehouse incentives were criticized as naïve. In other words, it was said they failed to understand the complex and sophisticated economic structure of the agreement. Really? I think most people