West Valley Water District Birds of Feathers Flock Together | VOICE
Paulette Brown-Hinds, PhD I inherited my passion for opinion writing from my dad, Hardy L. Brown, who wrote a weekly column for this newspaper for over 25 years. And who continues to publish his opinion on issues that are of importance to the community. His recent focus, allegations of corruption and misfeasance at the West Valley Water District, has us now working together to shed light on this significant issue, and offer ratepayers and voters some direction. As part of an advocacy tradition of journalism, we don't just report, we take positions on the issues and ask our readers to act in support of fairness, equality, and justice. So when we started investigating rumors of West Valley Water District's Board President Clifford Young's abuse of power as a public official we decided to work together and present the facts. We learned quickly that not only should his behavior and actions as an elected representative be investigated, but his neighbor, the