Things That Make You Go Hmmm . . . | VOICE
Last week the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) reported the sudden deaths of thousands of water birds at the south end of the Salton Sea—the birds died between January 8th and 17th. Reports of the massive die-off began trickling in January 8th. CDFW investigated immediately and found over a thousand bird carcasses concentrated in one area. Over the next week staff from CDFW and San Bernardino National Wildlife Refuge (SBNWR) collected more than 1,200 carcasses. Most of the carcasses were incinerated, but several specimens were shipped to the CDFW Wildlife Investigations Lab in Rancho Cordova to determine the cause of death. The samples tested positive for avian cholera. Avian cholera is an infectious disease caused by a bacterium. According to the CDFW, outbreaks occur every winter in California and may result in the deaths of thousands of birds. I did not know that . . . maybe such incidents are not widely reported. Hmmm? CDFW officials also say avian cholera can