"The Bookseller" Linda Sherman-Nurick | VOICE
"The Bookseller"Linda Sherman-Nurick© Benoit Malphettes Interview by Amber Coleman When Linda Nurick opened Cellar Door Books in 2012, she created a rare and sacred space for book lovers not only in Riverside but throughout the Inland Region. In 2012 Riverside had its share of large chain bookstores and electronic readers, tablets and smart phones had already changed the way literature, news and magazines were consumed. So, when Nurick decided to open her independent bookstore she knew it was a gamble; however, books mattered to Nurick and she believed they mattered to others just as much. There is something about the smell and feel of books that true bibliophiles cannot resist. It is a place where patrons take time to peruse the shelves; to discuss the latest work by a favorite author; or to be the first to crack the spine of an intriguing tale. Although Nurick was raised in a family of entrepreneurs she was initially hesitant about taking the risk—and then, she was given a glimpse of