Small Acts of Kindness in 2018 | VOICE
Paulette Brown-Hinds, PhD Several years ago I wrote a column about how simple small acts of kindness can be contagious inspired by Random Acts of Kindness Day. It's a concept I find myself returning to at the beginning of every year. A small act of kindness even once a day, I believe, is still a good New Year's resolution. Several years ago researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands conducted a study on the scent of joy and happiness and found that certain scents produced by our bodies can communicate happiness to others. It seems from their research that happiness has a distinct smell that humans can sense on one another, and induces "a simulacrum of happiness in the receivers" triggering a contagion of the emotional state. Likewise, American researchers from Harvard University and the University of California who study behavioral contagions have found that emotions like generosity and altruism can be contagious. "When you