Sleeping Pill Abuse | VOICE
Sleeping pills are abused both as a recreational drug and by users who accidentally become addicted or dependent on the drug. Recreational users typically use Ambien and other prescription and over the counter sleeping pills to reduce stress or to feel a 'high'. Some also combine sleep aids with alcohol or other drugs to increase the high. Users will often steal pills from family and friends with a valid prescription, or buy them on the street, where people often sell them for $4-$17 per pill and sometimes more depending on the strength and brand of the drug. While recreational sleeping pill abuse is common, many users accidentally become 'hooked' through normal usage. This is especially prevalent when prescription users begin taking sleeping pills every night, or every time they have a stressful day or difficulty sleeping. The brain quickly adjusts to sleep aids in the system, making it difficult to impossible to sleep without taking a dose. Over time, even the best-intentioned user