Pushed Down a Slippery Slope | VOICE
As an avid opponent of the death penalty I've written about it a lot over the years. Whether lamenting over the series of botched executions; its over application regarding Black defendants; Arkansas' 2017 attempt to execute seven men in the span of eleven days; the heroic work of the Innocence Project and the light it shines on the "innocent" sentenced to death; what many (including myself) viewed as Riverside County's previous, aggressive application of it; the 2018 voter approved measure to accelerate the death penalty even as other states voted to abolish it; Governor Newsom's ordering of additional DNA testing in the case of a questionable death row conviction; and the governor's recent moratorium on the death penalty in California, I believe it says a lot about who we are as a nation. Admittedly, my position is driven by my moral compass though I admit it is easy for those of us who have never born the shock and devastation of having a loved one snatched from us by unspeakable