Minorities/Women Laid Off More Often | VOICE
San Bernardino When it comes to layoffs, women and minorities are often treated differently. A report by CNN NewSource recently confirmed this finding. Although many corporations continue to address issues related to diversity, their focus is usually centered on issues related to hiring, recruitment, promotion and work/life balance, but when it comes to making decisions about who to layoff, etc. many businesses still have work to do in this regard. According to the report, when companies experience difficult times, women and minority workers too often find themselves labeled as "redundant or non-essential more frequently than their White male colleagues," and as a result, are the ones most often laid off. Commenting on the report, Alexandra Kalev, Associate Professor of Sociology at Tel Aviv University noted, "We see that they get in, but they remain in their segregated positions, assigned to support or non-core management jobs or they're assigned to line management in failing parts of