Let This Be the Beginning | VOICE
S.E. Williams | Contributor I count myself among the millions who are fed up with this nation's inability to come to grips with the insane level of gun violence that steals lives, injures bodies and breaks hearts. As the body count has risen over the years, somewhere along the way I lost my tolerance for those who cling to the Second Amendment above reason or the unnecessary loss of life. This issue is further complicated by the control gun lobbyists with their fists full of dollars, have on our elected officials—particularly members of the Republican Party, although many Democrats are not exempt from peddling the political influence gun lobbyists' money can buy. Almost lost among the many news events at the local, state and federal levels last week, was an historic ruling by the Connecticut Supreme Court related to the issue of gun manufacturers. The case involved the gun manufacturer Remington, who was sued over how it marketed the rifle used in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School