How to Talk to Children About Gun Violence | VOICE
America's stunning failure to respond to gun violence was spotlighted – again – May 31, 2019 when DeWayne Craddock fatally shot twelve people and wounded five others in a mass shooting at a municipal building in Virginia Beach. The longtime city engineer was later shot dead by police officers responding to the scene. In our children's eyes, the U.S. is often viewed as this great humanitarian model for the rest of the world in so many arenas, but when it comes to gun violence we do nothing, we just shake our heads and say our thoughts and prayers and wait for the next one to happen. Children's lives are touched by trauma on a regular basis, no matter how much parents or teachers try to keep the "bad things" away. Instead of shielding children from the dangers, violence or tragedies around us, adults should talk to kids about what is happening. The conversation may not seem easy, but taking a proactive stance, discussing difficult events in age-appropriate language can help a child