Clinging Tightly to the Teachings of a King | VOICE
S.E. Williams | Editor On April 4th the world will mark 51 years since the assassination of history's most celebrated Civil Rights icon, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During this era of political turmoil, fomenting hatred, and an inept and corrupt president, it is certainly hard to hold on to America's promise of a more perfect union. Having an opportunity to reflect on King's life and the courage, commitment and sacrifices he made to help move the country closer to this ideal is not only timely, it has the potential to be prescient if we can only remind ourselves of the words he spoke during a sermon he delivered in 1965 at Temple Israel of Hollywood and often during the years he led the Civil Rights movement. Part of what King spoke about metaphorically that day was people who were tired of injustice but had also grown weary of the struggle. He reminded the audience when this occurs it is important to move on in spite of how one feels, that nothing should be allowed to stop them. He