Black History Matters to Everyone | VOICE
February is Black History Month. The struggles of the past teach us all about the present. Ninety years after Black History Month launched, Black history is more relevant than ever. In some places these days it has become a full-fledged month-long celebration of Black art, music, religion, drama and scholarly discussions. It has also been the subject of ridicule and controversy. Why do Black people get a month all to themselves, ask some Whites. Answers Blacks: White people have the whole year. But there's a very good reason February was chosen. Dr. Carter G. Woodson, one of our first and foremost Black historians, was disturbed by the way Negroes were portrayed or not portrayed at all in American history books. In 1926, he called for a week to be set aside to celebrate the contributions Black people had made throughout the country's history. He thought it was important for Black people to know their history, and for White people to appreciate the contributions we made and continue to