First Person Report: Control Over Hearing Aids: A Denver Deaf-Blind Consumer Perspective | The Hearing Blog
Denver resident Carolyn Haas recently wrote an interesting essay describing her special needs as she is both visually impaired and has progressive hearing loss. Although some of her technical jargon usage is a bit off, she provides a detailed explanation on why compression can be bad; and is an interesting addendum as to why some people need a linear hearing aid response, beyond the need for speech envelope preservation. Here is her story: …At age 23, I became a binaural hearing aid user. By then (the early 1980s), there were in-the-ear hearing aids and even directional microphones, so I could keep my hearing aids a secret. I still wasn't fully accepting my hearing loss and its impact, often to my own detriment. It took a very long time for me to truly appreciate the importance of openly acknowledging my hearing issues and the need to take advantage of the amazing emerging technology that could help people like me cope with it more successfully. As technology improved, there were