How We Connect To The Presenter At Lincoln Park Chapter Meetings | The Hearing Blog
Your humble editor had the privilege of flying in from Atlanta to join his many friends at the April Chicago HLAA Lincoln Park chapter meeting a couple weekends ago, with a pleasant dinner afterwards at Corcoran's across the street in Old City. Much has been made of "hearing loops;" but now that we're in the digital audio transmission era, we've found a much better way to transmit the presenter's speech to the attendees, using a Roger-to-Unite bridge, for Phonak, Advanced Bionics, ReSound, Cochlear, and Beltone users… Read on! This fantastic chapter has wonderful members of all ages and races, meeting 10 times per year. For years, they have provided CART; and about a decade ago Phonak donated an FM transmitter and a handful of FM receivers with neckloops, which are still soldiering on. However, many of the users have moved on to 2.45 gHz digital audio transmission, either with the GN Unite or Phonak Roger systems. It was a bit awkward for our speaker, UIC professor Bruce Douglas, to