Tinnitus Relief With Hearing Aids: It Works! | The Hearing Blog
The key to tinnitus relief is to first address the underlying hearing loss with hearing aids, regardless how minor it may seem on the audiogram and/or whether the patient perceives their loss. We addressed this on the margins six years ago in Frustration With So-Called "Minimal" Hearing Loss;1, 2 and again in Uh Oh! Here Comes Noise-Induced Cochlear Synaptopathy …And It Just May Up-End Everything We Know About Hearing Conservation; but since the tinnitus issue keeps popping up, it's worth a look from the experts. Doug Beck AuD wrote in June 2017:3 Quite often, for the patient suffering from chronic, annoying, or debilitating tinnitus, hearing loss is a major concern. The "80/80 Rule"4 states approximately 80% of all people with sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) have tinnitus and approximately 80% of all people with tinnitus have SNHL. People who complain of bothersome tinnitus perceive something which is distressing and uncomfortable most (or all) of their waking hours. Interestingly,