Guest Article: Does Chromecast signal a bad week for Bluetooth? [And How This Applies to Us]
Today's Guest Article is on 2.45 gHz streaming audio by 802.11 WiFi as well as 802.15.4 Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy ("BLE"), and the various ways both protocols coexist side-by-side both for audio streaming and control. This has major implications for hearing aids, CI's, and assistive devices, because except for the dodgy telecoil there is not quite yet a universal broadcast standard for hearing devices; so as software-driven Digital "Moore's Law" radios are just around the corner -- and Sonova announcing them this week for delivery next year -- hearing impaired people will finally have crystal-clear digital audio streamed to our hearing aids & CI's with inexpensive universal broadcast transmitters in theaters, houses of worship, and stadiums; and in noisy vehicles such as taxis, airplanes, and subways.