Selecting a Cochlear Implant Surgeon
Hiring a cochlear implant surgeon for yourself or your child is just as important as selecting the right implant manufacturer, as the quality of the outcome is at stake. Unlike fitting hearing aids where the Best Practices are well documented and easily available to the consumer, the same cannot be said for CI surgery, as these practices are mostly scattered throughout hundreds of journal articles behind paywalls. CI_Electrode_insertion We at The Hearing Blog are addressing this issue, with our information having been vetted by several industry insiders for accuracy, with this article taking over six months to research, edit, and vet. However, when you cut to the proverbial chase, it comes down to the "touch" in the surgeon's fingertips as s/he threads the inch-long flexible electrode resembling a wet noodle into the pea-sized hearing organ without making hash of the delicate structures inside, let alone folding over or kinking the electrode array. Almost everything else, such as