ReSound Prostrates Itself Offering The LiNX On The Costco Altar, Ignoring Phonak's Mis-Step One Year Ago | The Hearing Blog
We at The Hearing Blog have confirmed through multiple sources that GN ReSound will make their premier LiNX hearing aid available at Costco starting April 1st, after just having launched the LiNX² series, maintaining their "policy" of keeping their offerings to Costco one generation behind… And delaying the Big Box release until after the big AudiologyNow convention, hoping to avoid the backlash. This is going to trigger an even bigger explosion than Sonova experienced last year when they entered the Big Box market, not only with GNR's independent dealers, but also with their 3500 Beltone franchise locations which are doing rather well with the "First" branded LiNX devices. What's more, unlike the major differences between the Verso and LiNX/First, the upcoming LiNX² series presents only minor improvements, essentially eliminating any real advantage over the Big Box offerings. UPDATE: We confirmed this story almost three weeks ago in early March; but we were approached by ReSound's PR