Yes, Your Hearing Impaired Child Can Take Their FM Assistive System Home From School | The Hearing Blog
The FM assistive listening system is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal against deafness, especially with children, which is why many experts as well as we at The Hearing Blog believe it should be used on every child in school. However -- And sometimes intentionally for budgetary reasons -- misinformation is being spread by the Special Education community as to whether these systems can be brought home, especially for toddlers. The definitive answer is if the FM system is needed for continued auditory therapy in the home as part of their IEP, then under Federal law the school must make it available. Period. This article will explain the child's rights under the law, and the need. The Law: If in-home auditory, auditory-verbal or other therapy is prescribed, the school must by law allow the FM system to be brought home, as it is part of the child's entitlement to Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), as spelt out legislatively in the Individuals with Disabilities