Marion Downs (January 26, 1914 – November 13, 2014) | The Hearing Blog
Marion Downs (January 26, 1914 - November 13, 2014) Click to enlarge in a new window World Leading Paediatric Audiology advocate and professional Marion Downs died peacefully in her sleep this morning in Colorado, at the age of 100. May G-d richly reward her for the many generations encompassing tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of children she helped to a better life; not to mention untold numbers of audiologists, speech therapists, and educators she influenced through her innumerable contributions, up to the very end of her active life. Twice in this editor's life I have seen applause during a funeral procession for a long life well lived, in April 2002 for the Queen Mum, and in December 2006 for President Gerald R Ford. May Marion be accorded this same applause at the upcoming celebration of her life well lived~ Marion Downs, c.1960's. Source unknown