Let's not cause further confusion between ANSD and (C)APD | The Hearing Blog
Northwestern Professor Nina Kraus is someone for whom we have a great deal of respect, so when she editorialized that Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) & Central Auditory Processing Disorder be viewed under the same "biological umbrella" in her editorial titled Neural Synchrony Disorders: Opening a Biological Umbrella in The Hearing Journal, it made us sit up and take notice. However, we strongly disagree with Prof Kraus' position, as any further conflation beyond that which occurred when Auditory Neuropathy and Auditory Dys-synchrony were combined into Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) in 20081 will only further muddy the waters, especially with the parent constituency; and finally we present the case that ANSD should be again separated back into the AN & AD components, reversing the Lake Como decision from six years ago. Northwestern University Professor Nina Kraus PhD The Hearing Blog is a Big Fan of Dr Kraus and the Auditory Neuroscience Lab she