One Brits' Justification For Hearing Aid Self-Programming | The Hearing Blog
Last year, the BBC reported that more and more hearing aid users are programming their own hearing aids. Today, British subject Robert Mandara lays out a compelling case for user programming in the first of his three-part series in The Limping Chicken; and although we disagree with him on several key points, in fact his overall premise is strong. Hearing Aid Professionals on both sides of the pond should pay close heed, as unlike in Britain where 90% of the hearing aids are dispensed by their troubled National Health Service (with an average 18 week delay and long waits for followup), UK private ("High Street") dispensers and US Hearing Aid Professionals can address some of the reasons cited by Mandera by simply providing speedy service and implementing the Telehealth paradigm we laid out six weeks ago. Here is Mandara's compelling case, with our Editor's Notes interspersed: Would you buy a television if the salesman insisted that only he could set the channel, volume, tone, brightness