Does Sunlight Help Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia? | | The Health Equity
Written by Keira I've been feeling very ill recently, I have practically been sleeping my life away and finding it hard to deal with the pain of my fibromyalgia. But only a few weeks ago I was feeling well and happy what has changed since then and now? The weather. I have found a direct link from my illnesses to the weather before it was very hot ( for England anyway) and there was nothing but blue sky's, now everything Is black and its raining. I'm not saying that if it's good weather I'm automatically cured or that I cant have bad days when it's sunny outside but I do notice a dramatic difference in my mood and health when the weather changes. When I'm on holiday in a sunnier climate I find I have more energy, less pain and in a happier mood. The same happens in England when the weather is good. The odd thing is when doing research I found out a LOT of other chronic fatigue suffers find the sun makes them more tired and drained this is the complete opposite to