After Refusing Chemotherapy,Mother, 44, Killed her Deadly Breast Cancer By Using Cannabis Oil | | The Health Equity
Mother gets clean bill of health from breast cancer after course of CBD oil. A mother claims that she has cured herself from deadly breast cancer using purely CBD oil, an extract from the cannabis plant. Dee Mani, 44 decided against chemotherapy after receiving her diagnosis, instead opting for a more natural route. Her doctors now say that she is completely free of breast cancer – just five months after starting her treatment. Dee Mani, 44, refused chemotherapy when she was diagnosed with breast cancer While there are many success stories out there of people claiming that cannabis and CBD have cured their cancer, there have been no comprehensive trials, which means doctors are still unable to suggest it as a form of treatment. Mani says that she refused chemotherapy after her sister sadly lost her life to cancer, after chemotherapy failed her. Chemotherapy is still the main treatment offered to people with a new cancer diagnosis, although it is a highly aggressive and dangerous