Tube Amp TA-1 portable headphone amp review | The Headphone List
Manufacturer: Tube Amp Model: TA-1 Price: $270 (only available in China,Japan,Singapore and Malaysia; coming to in the future) Tube Amp is a Chinese company that is well known in China for their portable tube amp options, but not all that well known elsewhere. Their portable amps are all on the larger size of the spectrum for portable amps, but still portable. The TA-1 is a solid state amp with discrete circuitry instead of the typical op amp configuration of so many portable amps. Volume control: Analog Power connector: Proprietary Battery life: 10 hours On/Off: Switch Indicator Light: Blue LED above the on/off switch; the light is bright, but not overly so Works with 4 pin headphone plugs: Yes Specifications (from the manufacturer's website): - Input sensitivity:220mv - Rated power output:2×450mw - Frequency response:20Hz~80KHz(-1dB) - Total Harmonic Distortion:≤0.001%(1KHz V:2.5V) - Signal to noise ratio:≥106dB(short-circuit input) - Drive impedance : 16Ω~300Ω - The