Stage & Studio: Musician's In-Ear Monitors Buyer's Guide | The Headphone List
This Musician's In-Ear Monitors Buyer's Guide is designed to help musicians and engineers make more informed decisions about in-ear monitors and find the monitoring solution that will help them perform better. Our recommendations are based on listening to hundreds of in-ear monitors, including entire product lines from well-known manufacturers such as Shure and Westone, as well as and having discussions with countless musicians and engineers about in-ears. We selected only the best-performing products at every price point, based on current street prices. The first half of the guide offers some background information for educational purposes, so feel free to skip straight to the Recommendation sections using the links below. Page 1 Benefits of in-ear monitors Types of in-ear monitors Considerations for using in-ears on stage In-ear monitor qualities Custom in-ear monitors, fit, and country of origin Page 2 Sound signatures Recommendations: Musicians Recommendations: Mastering &