Custom In-ear Monitor Buyer's Guide | The Headphone List
Custom in-ear monitors, or CIEMs, as the name implies, are earphones custom-fitted to their owner's ear. This eliminates the need for ear tips, allows optimal placement of the drivers for better sound quality, and typically results in improved isolation and comfort compared to universal-fit in-ear monitors. This custom in-ear monitor buyer's guide features our favorite CIEMs in various price ranges. Page one consists of recommendations from average_joe, who owns over 30 custom in-ear monitors and has heard hundreds of headphones and universal IEMs. On page two, ljokerl's recommendations come from his experience with over 300 in-ear monitors. Each recommendation includes a short overview, but it is recommended to read the full reviews for more information. We also strongly advise that sound signature preferences be taken into account before making a purchase. The Best headphone article gives perspective on performance vs. sound signature and the Earphone buyer's guide recommends