2014 traveling audiophile holiday gift guide | The Headphone List
Do you want to know what to get that special someone that loves music, has a high-end home system, and travels a lot? Audiophiles know that great gear and recordings invoke emotion and deliver an experience, but you can't take it with you. While portable audio can't quite recreate the amazing experience of placing live performers in front of you, but the gear listen in this guide is some of the best of the best that will get the audiophile in your life as close to the realism as possible in a convenient form factor for on the go. This isn't your typical gear, and some of it isn't available at just any store, but what it does bring is impressive audio performance. The 2014 traveling audiophile holiday gift guide is a list hand picked products that stand out among the massive amount of gear we have heard and tested. EARPHONES EarSonics Velvet in-ear monitors with sound tuning Portable headphones can sound quite good, but earphones, also known as in-ear monitors, are much